Portland SEO Experts Shed Light on the Types of Content You Can Produce

Before you go ahead and hire reputable SEO Portland Experts to help you make the most of your content in terms of search engine optimization, you need to know the types of content you can produce. It will ensure you have a better understanding on how to make the most of what you share with your many followers.

The primary reason why SEO firms like Moving Mountains Advisors want to share what they know about the various online marketing strategies is that they wish to shed light on the different possibilities available to you in terms of how each type of content differs from another. Let’s take a closer look at each one in turn.


The most popular way to share travel news and share lifestyle trends would be through blogging. People love to read about the adventures other individuals experienced, useful travel tips, which airlines provide the best services, and how to travel light. One very useful tip given by a top Portland SEO Agency would be to break the monotony when using the text by throwing in a brief video or two and some images.

Visual Content

We are visual creatures in that we would much rather watch something than sitting down and reading a book or following what is shared online. Call it lazy if you will, but videos explain things so much better, and it provides entertainment too. There are all sorts of content being posted online such as documentaries, tutorials, adverts, entertainment clips, testimonials, reviews, etc. The key takeaway as shared by a top SEM consultant would be to put videos up that are shorter but of high quality.

Electronic Newsletters

Many business owners tend to think that email marketing is a one-way form of communication and find that much time and effort is spent in creating an appealing letter that may not even get opened. According to seasoned online marketing consultants like Moving Mountains Advisors, the key lies in how you present your electronic messages (emails). Start with a catchy topic that is seen as high-quality reading material. Readers get bombarded with emails and adverts way too much.

Make your newsletters stand out by writing a super catchy headline and offering a bonus eBook to hook them into opening your email. Once you get them to open more emails, offer to reward them in one way or another.

Using Infographics

People who do not love reading will enjoy infographics as it helps them to visualise complicated processes or data. It could be one of the reasons why these are a so popular nowadays. Another useful piece of advice so kindly offered by search engine marketing specialists would be to convert valuable reading material in point form into infographics. You may need their help in making this type of content work for you as it requires a good eye for graphics and design.

 Social Media Content

If you wish to go viral with your concept, then social media posts would be your best bet. It would include YouTube videos, Facebook updates, pics shared on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, etc.

As mentioned by a leading search engine optimization company in Colorado, users seem to turn to social media to be entertained and to relax. Business owners, on the other hand, use it to market their products or services. The secret of being successful using social media lies in sharing content that captivates the hearts of your audience.

Digital Audio Files (Podcasts)

Another way to share your thoughts as a business owner would be to approach a well-respected individual and to get them to interview you. Popular internet marketers already have a huge following, and it proves to be a super effective way to promote your brand. Podcasts prove to be an excellent way to inform, educate and train people. Even radio stations make use of them.

Provoke an Emotional Reaction Using Photos

Pictures speak a thousand words. It’s been said that photos produce empathy, anger, happiness, emotional reactions, jealousy, amusement, sadness, and so much more. SEO specialists find pictures very useful to liven up blog posts. Reason being, the message shared has so much more punch when good content gets combined with a sharp image. Renaming the images files with popular search terms can drive enormous amounts of traffic to your site. Why not allow reputable SEO firms like Moving Mountains Advisors to optimize your content for the search engines to help you grow as a business and reach your target market.